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The JLHS organizes several different kinds of educational activities: weekend seminars and with workshops; evening symposiums, and other special programs, which have been proven to be tremendously successful.

At the seminars and workshops organized by the JLHS, we find that participants come from a wide range of backgrounds: they have been attended by the vast majority of Israeli judges (Jews, Muslims, and Druze); observant Jews side by side with secular Jews; lawyers and laymen; scholars in Jewish law and those who have never had the opportunity to study Jewish sources.

JLHS workshop
A JLHS Workshop

The aim of these seminars and workshops is to discuss the sources of Jewish law, enabling lawyers and others to find inspiration and concepts which they may put to practical use in their everyday professional activities. These seminars and workshops give the opportunity to learn how to use the sources of Jewish law such as the Talmud, Maimonidies' Code, Karo's Shulhan Arukh, and the responsa literature. The materials utilized for these seminars have been published, and are presently being used as tools in the teaching of Jewish law in schools and law faculties.

The JLHS also offers the general public a broad range of lectures, workshops, and seminars on relevant and contemporary questions, as in the programs of evening lectures offered to the public throughout Israel.

In the over thirty three-day weekend seminars and other special programs which have been well-received, several thousands of participants have attended.

The topics have included:

Human dignity
Unjust enrichment
Mistake in contract
Penal law: duress and necessity
Penal law: ignorance of the law
Penal law: mistake of facts
Contract law: defect in the contract (illegality, immorality, under duress)
Agency: acting without authority

Torts: liability of judges and other public servants for negligence
Stipulations in a contract
JLHS Workshop

A JLHS Workshop
Lease: transfer of rights
Self-defense of one's property
Transfer of Obligations

Agency, scope and charter
The Employer/Employee relationship
Code of conduct for public officials/servants
Torts: Professional malpractice
Contract: duress
Penal law: necessity

Procedure: final judgment
Lease: transfer of rights
Guarantors: duty of the guarantor to pay a defaulted obligation

Penal Law: right to silence (compulsion of self-incrimination)

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